Our Story

With a passion for wellness coupled with a passion for interior styling, Dion & Co was born. We are a family-owned business who moved on from our nine to five when we quickly realised something was missing – passion!

We wanted to ensure we were spending every day putting our energy into something we’re passionate about; and something which fulfils us at the end of each day.

Here at Dion & Co. our motto is ‘Style your home with Fragrance’. We find our inspiration daily, through the environment we live and work in; so, the balance of styling your space with scents that stimulate your body and mind is so important to us!

Moreover, the scents that we inhale are just as important. So, we decided to hand-pour all our products to ensure we knew exactly what our family and kids were inhaling every day! Quality and precision is something we pride ourselves on.

We would love for you to join our journey by Styling your home with our Fragrance today!

// Eustina & Theo. x